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Have you reached the painful decision that your marriage cannot be saved, and that divorce is the only answer?  If so, you are at a very important juncture.  The choices you make now will have lasting consequences for you, your spouse, and your children (if any).

Years ago, choices did not exist as they do today.  If someone made the decision to end their marriage, they were encouraged to get the best lawyer they could find.  More often than not, the "best" was construed to be the most aggressive.  By the time it was over, years later, the turmoil had taken a significant toll on the parties' emotional health and their pocketbooks.  The only "winners" were the lawyers who benefited economically from the warfare.  

Frequently, when parties start their journey down the path to divorce, they take steps ~ intentionally or otherwise ~ that make the friction and animosity snowball.  They lose sight of the issues and become entangled in confrontation and uncooperativeness.  Friends and relatives, although well-intentioned, may inadvertently "fan the flames" in an attempt to show their support.  Each action by one party triggers a response, and the conflict escalates further.  The parties are often so full of fear, anger and resentment that they do horrendous things to each other.  Sometimes the pain is so great that people never recover.  And neither party "wins."

What is most unfortunate is that all that conflict and suffering is unnecessary.  It only makes everything worse.

If you and your spouse can commit to working together to find solutions, you can amicably resolve the issues with which you are faced in your dissolution action.  Your commitment does not mean sacrificing your soul for the sake of cooperation.  It also does not mean that you allow your spouse to take advantage of you.

The decision is up to you and your spouse.  You can arm yourself for battle and hire the best lawyers you can find; or you can be committed to a path of resolution where everyone comes out ahead.

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